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K Week

Why should I attend K Week?

K Week is the second step in the orientation process and the best way to get started at UK. Everything is designed to help your transition to UK be a smooth one. There are more than 100 events that take place during K Week, so we are confident you will find something that interests you! K Week is one of the biggest traditions on campus, and we encourage you to take full advantage of it.  

Is K Week mandatory?

All new undergraduate students – both first-year students and transfers – are expected to attend K Week, and attendance will be taken at major K Week events, including K Team gatherings and college meetings. Students are strongly encouraged to attend other K Week events of interest to them.

What if I need to miss part of K Week?

We understand that some students may have other obligations during K Week, but coming to college is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We strongly encourage you to participate fully in K Week, as this is the opportunity to make your new home at UK, meet people you will be living and studying with, make new friends, and get started on the right foot. Attendance will be taken at K Team gatherings and college meetings. 

How is attendance taken at K Week?

Attendance is taken at K Week and many other UK events by scanning your Event Pass, which we encourage you to go ahead and download. Learn more about how to access your Event Pass at Know Before You Go.

What should I wear to K Week?

Kentucky’s August weather can be unpredictable! We encourage dressing for hot weather. Events take place all over campus, so comfortable walking shoes are a must. Events will take place rain or shine, so check the forecast and be prepared. We’ll have fun no matter what! 

Can parents and families participate in K Week?

Since Big Blue Move-in takes place over a few days, families generally depart after they get their new Wildcats settled in the residence halls. We suggest families familiarize themselves with the K Week schedule and encourage their students to take advantage of all the opportunities to meet new people and learn more about UK. Some students may need that extra encouragement to step out of their comfort zones, so remind them of past successes with previous life transitions. 

Can BCTC students living in UK residence halls participate in K Week?

BCTC students living in UK halls are welcome but not required to attend K Week events. BCTC students with additional questions can email

How can I offer feedback on K Week?

We would love your help improving K Week! All feedback you provide us is invaluable and greatly appreciated. Feel free to email your feedback to Additionally, after K Week you may receive a link to a survey asking you to tell us your thoughts about K Week. We rely on the survey results to improve K Week each year, so we appreciate you taking the time to fill it out.  

K Teams

What is a K Team?

We know from experience that coming to college can be overwhelming as you are meeting new people and finding your way around campus. To help ease the transition, we have recruited more than 200 of UK’s best student leaders to assist you throughout K Week. These students are members of K Crew, and they will be helping you and the other new students on your K Team, a group of approximately 25 new students, during K Week. You will attend several K Week events with your K Team, so don’t worry about going to events alone or finding your way around by yourself. 

I’m a new student living on campus. How do I find my K Team?

K Teams are assigned in August and announced a few days before K Week begins. You will be able to find your K Team number by downloading the UK Guides mobile app and searching for your residence hall room number.  

I’m a new student living off campus. How do I find my K Team?

Off-campus students are assigned to K Teams based on their undergraduate college so that you can start getting to know your future classmates. Students can find their K Team assignment in the UK Guides mobile app.  

How do I find out who my K Crew leader is?

Download the UK Guides mobile app for more information about your K Crew leader. If you live on campus, search by your residence hall. If your bed/room is not listed in the K Week app, just go with your roommate or join the K Team nearest to your room. If you live off campus, search by your undergraduate college. K Crew leaders’ contact information is listed should you need to contact them! 

If I change residence hall rooms right before K Week, will my K Team change?

Maybe. K Team assignments for on-campus residents are made based on your residence hall and room number. Find your residence hall and room number on the UK Guides mobile app to confirm your K Team. 

Can I change K Teams to be with my friend from home?

While we want all new students to feel at home at UK, we ask that students stick with their assigned K Teams. K Teams are designed to create opportunities for new students to meet new people and create connections in the communities in which they will be living and taking classes. 

How can I join K Crew?

Current students can enjoy K Week all over again by joining K Crew and assisting a group of new Wildcats with their transition to UK! Applications open early in the spring semester every year on BBNvolved. If you’d like an email notification when applications open, email and indicate your interest in serving on K Crew.

Getting Around

Where do I park during K Week?

During K Week (August 17 - 21), free parking is available on campus in the Periphery (K) Lots at Kroger Field and Cornerstone Garage (PS #5). In addition, pay-by-the-hour visitor lots and structures are located at the Gatton Student Center, William T. Young Library, and the Sports Center Garage (PS #7). All other campus lots and structures will be restricted to UK parking permit holders. 

On-campus bus transportation will be available on the Blue and White routes, which can be tracked using the TransLoc app ( 

UK Transportation Services is located at 721 Press Avenue and is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you have questions about parking on campus, please call 859-257-5757 or email UK Transportation Services. Follow them on Twitter @UKParking. For more information on parking and transportation on campus, visit  

UK is a big campus! How do I find my way around?

We recognize that UK is a large campus and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. Your K Crew leader is a great resource for help mapping out a plan to get to your classes, and they will lead your K Team on a tour as part of K Week. If you are in need of a campus map, check out or download the myUK mobile app to view a map on the go. 

How can I request accommodations in order to be able to participate in K Week?

The K Week team is committed to supporting your needs so that all incoming students can fully participate in the scheduled activities. To request accommodations for special needs during K Week, contact the Disability Resource Center at or 859-257-2754.

How can I stay safe while on campus?

We encourage new Wildcats to familiarize themselves with the safety resources available through UK Police, especially the LiveSafe app. Attend K Week events with your K Team and use the buddy system, especially as you learn your way around campus.